RYO is the fastest growing segment in the cigarette outlet business. Now, you can take full advantage of the RYO boom with the RYO Filling Station--the only machine of its kind in successful operation. This unique, proven machine allows your customers to roll a carton of cigarettes in your store in 8 minutes.

The RYO Filling Station is truly revolutionary and offers just what you have been waiting for----a low-risk, high-profit opportunity to pull in more customers, gain a competitive

advantage over competitors, and best of all generate great profits.

The tobacco business is ever-changing and the Filling Station can help you one up your competition and be the market leader.

The Filling Station is a heavy-duty, professionally engineered and manufactured machine that has proven itself in the field with excellent service and support. To date, over 1,000 machines have been placed in over 35 states!

Latest News
03.21.12 - Head over to the RYO Coalitions to keep up to date on state level news in your area. Also, be sure to sign the petitions!

02.16.12 - Check out our new merchandise! Get your hats, shirts and office supplies!

01.09.12 - Season of Giving Promotion!Thanks to all of those who participated in the Season of Giving!

10.11.11 - Halloween Contest! Click the link to see the current submissions. Call for the rules! Prizes awarded!

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