About RYO

The RYO Filling Station was developed to fill a void in the market. Previously there was no alternate to slow, low volume home RYO machines. As commercial cigarette costs have skyrocketed, the Filling Station has helped smoke-shop owners profit from the growing consumer movement to RYO.

There are no other products on the market that can compete with the performance, benefits and profitability that the Filling Station provides.

The Filling Station is a patent-pending, heavy-duty, professionally engineered and manufactured machine that has proven itself in the field. To date, there are over 1,000 machines in over 35 states!

The RYO Boom

As the cost of cigarettes has continued to explode, the Roll Your Own (RYO) market has grown by leaps and bounds.

Although recent legislation has significantly increased the tax on tobacco, the cost to roll a carton of cigarettes is still roughly one third the cost of pre-manufactured product. This cost difference continues to fuel growth in the RYO segment, driving sales of tobacco, tubes and home filling machines.

The limitation to truly explosive growth has been the fact that it takes close to three hours of time for the consumer to fill a carton of cigarettes. With the development of the RYO Filling Station—and a filling speed of 8 minutes per 200 smokes—the sky is now the limit. And so is your profit potential.

Latest News
03.21.12 - Head over to the RYO Coalitions to keep up to date on state level news in your area. Also, be sure to sign the petitions!

02.16.12 - Check out our new merchandise! Get your hats, shirts and office supplies!

01.09.12 - Season of Giving Promotion!Thanks to all of those who participated in the Season of Giving!

10.11.11 - Halloween Contest! Click the link to see the current submissions. Call for the rules! Prizes awarded!

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