Support Documentation

All manuals relating to the RYO Filling Station are available here. These electronic copies of your manuals are here in case yours were lost or damaged. To open them, you will need the password that we gave to you at the time of your purchase. If you cannot find this password, please call us. To save them to your computer, right-click and click "Save As".

Reference/Training Manual

Click here to download.

The Reference section of the manual details the physical use of the RYO Filling Station as well as various maintenance routines. It explains how to select the proper tobacco and tubes, order tobacco and tubes, use the moisture meter, use the digital scale, store equipment properly, complete the daily maintenance, order batches and reload batches. It also contains various reference diagrams and material.

The Training section of the manual has detailed images of every screen that you will encounter while using the touch screen interface of the RYO Filling Station. These images explain the various options available to you on-screen and display how to access certain menus.

Air Compressor Support

For any and all air compressor support or questions please call The Air Compressor Company at (330) 536-9665.

Customer Support Hotline (PUP/CLA Customers only!)

If you've got a question or problem that our manuals do not cover, feel free to call our Customer Support Hotline at (330) 545-1122. We have technicians available Monday through Friday for phone calls from 8:00AM through 4:30PM EST.

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