Amazing Machine

Built Strong

Built Strong

Built for years of service and profit
Durable, dependable and proven, RYO Rolling Machines are in use throughout the United States. Every machine has delivered exactly as promised. Shop owners report great satisfaction with the machine’s reliability and consistency.


  • Professionally engineered and designed
  • Every component is over-built to industrial specs for superior reliability and performance
  • Proven in the field—machines currently in service have filled over 43 million tubes and counting
  • Consistent results
  • Superior alternative to home rolling
  • Customers can roll 200 smokes in about 8 minutes
  • Easy touch screen operation for customers and store personnel
  • Excellent service and support
Latest News
03.21.12 - Head over to the RYO Coalitions to keep up to date on state level news in your area. Also, be sure to sign the petitions!

02.16.12 - Check out our new merchandise! Get your hats, shirts and office supplies!

01.09.12 - Season of Giving Promotion!Thanks to all of those who participated in the Season of Giving!

10.11.11 - Halloween Contest! Click the link to see the current submissions. Call for the rules! Prizes awarded!

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